The need for financial advice is more crucial than ever

Industry leaders speaking at the Investment Funds Institute of Canada’s annual conference underlined the growing importa…

INVESTMENT | October 12 2021 10:57AM
TD: Wealth management advances while insurance declines

The financial institution released its results for third quarter 2021.

SOCIETY | September 17 2021 08:16AM
Economical gets closer to demutualization

The company also announced the name of what will be the insurer’s parent company.

P&C | August 31 2021 10:50AM
TD Asset Management to terminate fund

TDAM says it is terminating the fund to simplify its offering line-up.

INVESTMENT | August 11 2021 01:59PM
Representative banned for opening fake accounts

The former rep and bank employee admitted to opening fictitious bank and mutual fund accounts to receive promotional mon…

INVESTMENT | July 09 2021 08:54AM
Eleven insurance organizations form new pro-climate lobby

Insurance industry actors have joined forces with municipal governments, indigenous organizations, environmental non-gov…

SOCIETY | June 30 2021 12:15PM
Significant number of Canadians would rather see their advisor than a concert

Although most have come to appreciate the productivity gains that have come with the shift to virtual meetings, a new su…

SOCIETY | June 21 2021 12:12PM