SSQ Insurance announced Nov. 13 that it is partnering with online sleep clinic HALEO, and mental health therapy provider MindBeacon Group, to give its group insurance plan members access to digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) online.

The insurer says the partnerships stem from a desire to find innovative ways to satisfy customer needs, namely through the deployment of a digital healthcare strategy. It also hopes to raise awareness about sleep and stress management, and help its group members learn to recognize if there is a problem.

Prevention and early detection

“Through this modern, online approach, SSQ Insurance is hoping to help its customers with mental health management, specifically through the prevention and early detection of sleep and stress-related problems, as well as mood and anxiety disorders,” the company said in a statement released Wednesday.

According to the company, HALEO and MindBeacon each offer CBT, delivered online, by qualified healthcare professionals. HALEO’s efforts focus on sleep disorders while MindBeacon focuses on mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. As part of the new offering, group plan members can also take a test to evaluate whether or not either approach is right for them. The offering builds on earlier and ongoing customer service developments the company is making in an effort to position itself as a leader in digital services.