In-force business: Data providers still missing

Despite over 25 years of efforts, digital data exchange in life insurance remains incomplete.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 09 2023 10:10AM
Beneva drops Penncorp products due to lack of profitability

Beneva also aimed to limit La Capitale Financial Security's disability insurance offerings to a single product line.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 14 2023 03:45PM
Beneva joins media companies in pulling advertising dollars from Meta

Mutual company says move to redirect its spending is a show of solidarity.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 20 2023 10:47AM
Term insurance: A product more complex than it seems

Although it may appear to be the most basic among individual life insurance products, term life insurance actually offer…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 06 2023 10:55AM
Employee assistance programs still underutilized

According to Brigitte Marcoux of Beneva, employee assistance programs (EAPs) remain underutilized.

LIFE INSURANCE | July 03 2023 10:58AM
The labour shortage: Both a challenge and an opportunity for insurers

The difficulty of attracting and retaining employees will play out in an employer’s favour with better adoption of emplo…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 30 2023 10:50AM
Property and casualty insurance: Financial results of 170 insurers in Canada in 2022

Companies are ranked by net income.

P&C | June 23 2023 10:55AM