The Insurance Council of British Columbia has fined Daniel Padua Fregillana $2,000 and assessed investigation costs in the amount of $500 after it was determined that he failed to complete required continuing education (CE) credits for two licensing periods. It was also alleged that Fregillana failed to respond promptly to inquires from the council after he assumed that a number of emails sent to him for the purposes of the council’s investigation were spam.

Licensed as a life and accident and sickness insurance agent since December 2014, Fregillana was audited in November 2021 after leaving the errors and omissions (E&O) insurance declaration blank on his 2021 annual filing.

Although he was able to produce proof of insurance coverage, it was determined that he was short CE credits for two out of the three licensing periods he was audited for.

Prior to reaching this conclusion, however, the council had to first reach the agent who was primarily assisting another licensee with IT assistance. “Regarding his failure to respond to council staff’s emails, the licensee explained that these emails had been sent to his agency email. Since he was not actively engaging in insurance-related business, he did not frequently review his agency email address. Further, he initially assumed the emails were spam. Only when he received the registered mail did he consider reading them.” 

Regarding the missing CE credits, during the course of the investigation Fregillana said he had not completed the education during the pandemic because free education providers were not providing as many opportunities to learn. He was also opening a new business and also claimed that certificates were lost and that he was unable to contact the course providers to receive replacements. “As a result, he opted to re-do the CE credits,” the intended decision states. “The licensee confirmed that he was aware there were paid training opportunities, but that he preferred to rely on free training, as that was what he was accustomed to.” 

In addition to the fine and costs, Fregillana is also required to complete the Council Rules Course for life and/or accident and sickness insurance by April 2024.