Manulife Canada’s president and CEO, Naveed Irshad announced Sept. 6 that the company is officially appointing Paul Savage head of individual insurance for Manulife Canada. Savage has served in the interim role since January 2022. 

Savage thus far has worked with Manulife for more than 13 years. Called a “results-driven leader,” Savage is also credited with overseeing the transformation of the company’s insurance new business product shelf and the launch of Manulife Par in 2018. Prior to working with that business, he also worked with John Hancock in the United States before moving into the Canadian individual insurance business. 

The company says individual insurance continues to play a critical role in the company’s success. “We have opportunities in front of us to capitalize on – differentiating ourselves as the leader in the behavioural insurance and affinity spaces, improving the customer and advisor experience, building our high-performing culture and continuing to grow our business and develop innovative ways to make it easier to do business with us,” Irshad stated in his announcement about Savage’s appointment. 

“I’m confident that Paul’s leadership, combined with the expertise and dedication across our teams, will be a winning combination,” he adds.