Desjardins launches electoral process to choose its next president

By The IJ Staff | November 29 2019 12:17PM

Guy Cormier

Photo: Normand Huberdeau

Desjardins Group started its electoral process this week to choose its next president. The organization’s president is elected by an electoral college of more than 250 members, who indicate their choice using individual secret ballots.

The company’s current president, Guy Cormier has confirmed that he will run for a second term, as allowed under the organization’s bylaws. “He submitted a notice of intent to the Desjardins election committee signaling his desire to extend his mandate” for another four years, Desjardins said in a statement. With Desjardins since 1992, Cormier has served as president and CEO of the company since 2016.

The nomination period for other candidates will run from December 3 to 13. On December 13 the election committee will either release the names of those candidates or announce that Cormier has been re-elected by acclamation. If there is an election, it will run from January 27 to March 13, 2020. The electoral college will then vote March 14.

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