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InsuranceINTEL, a sister publication of The Insurance Portal, lists seven credit insurance products available on the Canadian market.

The table presents the characteristics of these products:

  • Only two insurers offer credit insurance that covers all the types of loans shown in the table: Assumption Life (FlexOptions) and Desjardins Insurance (SOLO Loan Insurance). 
  • Blue Cross' Mortgage Plan covers the fewest types of loans, focusing on mortgage and home equity line of credit for dwellings and multiplex buildings. 
  • Desjardins is the only insurer that does not offer joint insurance. Blue Cross stands out from its competitors by offering joint insurance for both life and disability insurance. The other players offer joint insurance for life only. 
  • The two insurers offering the highest maximum disability insurance benefits are Blue Cross, at $6,000/month and Desjardins, at $5,000/month. The other insurers offer a maximum monthly benefit of $3,500. 
  • When critical illness insurance is offered with a product, it is available as a rider. The number of illnesses covered and the maximum benefit vary greatly between insurers. However, the two insurers that cover the most illnesses and offer the highest maximum benefit are iA Financial Group and La Capitale.