The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) has published its annual report for members, discussing the year’s achievements in 2022, while briefly discussing its direction going forward.

The institute’s top two strategic priorities include providing knowledge-based services and products to its members and engaging its membership, to build a more resilient community of actuaries.

In the report spanning the implementation of IFRS 17, updates to the CIA’s bylaws and rules, and the development of its new education program, the association also discusses risk analysis, pension, and predictive analytics events and webcasts held during the year.

“Predictive analytics has become a significant component of the upcoming ACIA (associate of the CIA) modules and the ACIA capstone exam. This important area will be a crucial part of the syllabus as new actuaries are certified, ensuring that they are well equipped to meet the evolving needs of the industry,” they write.

“The transformation of the Canadian actuarial education system continues to make great strides,” they add. “This evolution of the system to create a pathway to the profession that is uniquely Canadian is crucial in meeting the challenges of today and tomorrow and presents an opportunity to make the profession more accessible to a wider range of individuals.” 

Research at the institute has also been restructured. “Members should expect even more exciting developments on the research front in the coming years.” They also say they will continue to pursue partnerships with other professional organizations, like those forged to establish diversity, equity and inclusion scholarships and events.