Decelerating inflation figures could mean interest rate cut in June

Economists note Consumer Price Index’s decline despite current gas prices.

SOCIETY | May 23 2024 03:57PM
Study finds steep decline in Canadians’ living standards

Latest decline in inflation-adjusted per person GDP is the second-longest in 40 years.

SOCIETY | May 22 2024 10:50AM
Parents’ housing wealth strongly linked to higher property values for their children

Effect most pronounced in Canada’s most expensive housing markets.

SOCIETY | May 02 2024 04:21PM
Finance and insurance contribute to gross domestic product growth in February

Statistics Canada projections suggest the economy expanded in the first quarter of 2024.

SOCIETY | May 01 2024 04:29PM
Pension plans ramp up risk reduction transactions

Interest rates boost sales of group annuities.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 29 2024 10:34AM
Close to one-in-ten seniors worked out of necessity in 2022

Seniors who worked by necessity were less likely to be self-employed compared to those who worked by choice.

SOCIETY | April 26 2024 10:22AM
BMO Insurance considers higher profile going forward

Insurance is a social good which needs to be promoted.

SOCIETY | February 08 2024 10:45AM