Cyberattacks: We are all at risk

Cyberattack. Cyberpirate. Cyber spying. Cyberfraud. Cybercrime. Financial cybercrime. Cyber burglary. Internet fraud. Cy…

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:35AM
Threat to the insurance industry

In his youth, Dominic Villeneuve was a hacker for several years. The arrest and imprisonment of other hackers he knew ga…

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:24AM
Insurer takes the bull by the horns

Christian Mercier, CEO of UV Mutual, invited his rivals to discuss cybersecurity this past fall. Why? Because he sees it…

SOCIETY | January 23 2020 11:18AM
UL Mutual announces name change

With the goal of strengthening its brand across Canada, UL Mutual has announced it is changing its name.

LIFE INSURANCE | October 21 2019 09:23AM
Smart e-apps revamping the industry

The growing popularity of simplified underwriting products is stoking the evolution of applications which have developed…

HEALTH | September 19 2017 07:00AM
UL Mutual launches new products

UL Mutual announced today that it is expanding its life and critical illness insurance product lines.

HEALTH | September 06 2017 01:30PM
End of an era at UL Mutual

It's official: Jacques Desbiens, the long-serving of CEO of UL Mutual, is retiring. In doing so he concludes a 40-year c…

HEALTH | December 19 2016 11:30AM