Beneva drops Penncorp products due to lack of profitability

Beneva also aimed to limit La Capitale Financial Security's disability insurance offerings to a single product line.

LIFE INSURANCE | September 14 2023 03:45PM
Inflation continues to fuel travel insurance concerns

The Snowbird travel insurance business is back in full force as the pandemic subsides, but inflation could be a spoiler.

SOCIETY | September 14 2022 04:24PM
Insurers sticklers for snowbirds' health stability

In travel insurance, a simple change in treatment for a pre-existing condition can cost an insured hundreds of thousands…

HEALTH | September 14 2022 10:30AM
Canassurance acquires SecuriGlobe

The company says the acquisition will consolidate Canassurance Hospital Service Association’s leadership role in the tra…

LIFE INSURANCE | July 09 2021 09:00AM
SecuriGlobe Bought by La Capitale But Will Remain Independent

On June 6 La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services acquired all aspects of SecuriGlobe, a direct travel insurance co…

LIFE INSURANCE | June 18 2014 02:21PM
Underinsured travellers put financial health at risk

Travellers are still leaving home without packing individual travel insurance because they overestimate the scope of the…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 19 2013 07:55PM
Travel insurance applications refined

Recession or not, the Snowbirds – those Canadians who winter down south – are still packing their bags. Their continued …

LIFE INSURANCE | September 14 2012 01:59PM