Geopolitical risks stoke investor fears

Economists and managers still see growth opportunities around the world.

INVESTMENT | January 16 2024 10:30AM
Institutional investors express concerns about stagflation in Natixis survey

Monetary policy, geopolitical relations and rising rates discussed in 2023 outlook.

SOCIETY | December 29 2022 10:30AM
Canada falls in global ranking of retiree’s well-being

Lower scores for material well-being, tax pressure, environment and overall happiness drive Canada out of top 10 positio…

SOCIETY | September 14 2022 04:28PM
Advisors expect stock markets to rally in the second half of 2022

Market sentiment, changing investment assumptions, client expectations and business models examined in 2022 Natixis advi…

INVESTMENT | July 04 2022 10:42AM
Millennials value financial advice

Natixis Investment Managers published a new report showing that Millennial clients are more likely that their Gen X or B…

SOCIETY | May 09 2022 10:43AM
U.S. economy showing strength and resilience

Corporate America, the U.S. household balance sheet and a resilient American housing market have never been better despi…

SOCIETY | March 18 2022 10:48AM
Investors have taken on too much risk

More volatility and more frequent rebalancing expected this year, according to a new survey by Natixis Investment Manage…

INVESTMENT | February 10 2022 10:45AM