Climate transition will be tough for Canada

The challenges will be greater in countries with high carbon emissions, says a report by the Bank of Canada and the Offi…

SOCIETY | February 11 2022 09:30AM
Manulife announces closing of U.S. variable annuity reinsurance deal

Manulife’s subsidiary John Hancock has closed a transaction to reinsure a substantial portion of its legacy U.S. Variabl…

LIFE INSURANCE | February 02 2022 10:22AM
Health-care spending accounts may cover prescribed COVID-19 tests

Canadians with certain group health plans, like health-care spending accounts and medical reimbursement plans, may now b…

HEALTH | January 31 2022 10:01AM
Group plan members’ finances have improved but stress has worsened

Manulife Investment Management has released a report looking at how plan members are feeling about their well-being, ove…

SOCIETY | January 26 2022 10:03AM
Comparison site pressured by online positioning costs

Fees charged by platforms such as Google and Facebook have taken their toll on the lead generation business of life and …

LIFE INSURANCE | January 25 2022 10:12AM
Nominations sought for industry award recognizing ethical leadership

The Alexander S. Melvin Leadership Award committee is seeking the nominations of leaders and professionals who have made…

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | January 19 2022 04:25PM
Group insurance sales slide

Although supplemental health benefits rose sharply, total sales declined in the third quarter of 2021.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 19 2022 10:30AM