MIB acquiring the APEXA compliance platform

The US group wants to expand its digital solutions portfolio.

LIFE INSURANCE | May 19 2022 10:28AM
APEXA: Membership growing despite hurdles

APEXA is still gaining members, but many MGAs worry about the mounting costs of enrolling life and health insurance advi…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 28 2021 10:55AM
RGAx to buy LOGiQ3 Group

RGAx, a subsidiary of Reinsurance Group of America, announced Jan. 8 that it will acquire LOGiQ3 Inc.

HEALTH | January 09 2018 11:30AM
LOGiQ3 and Seneca offer education program for life underwriters

A wave of life underwriters are retiring from the business. In response, LOGiQ3 and Seneca College are working together …

HEALTH | December 01 2016 11:29AM
Insurance lab to launch in Toronto

Chris Murumets of LOGiQ3 and Sven Roehl of msg global solutions are launching Cookhouse Lab in Toronto. It will provide …

HEALTH | November 24 2016 09:45AM
LOGiQ3 will provide admin support to CLIEIDIS

The Canadian Life Insurance EDI Standards organization (CLIEDIS) is outsourcing its day-to-day administrative activities…

HEALTH | November 10 2016 11:05AM
LOGiQ3 Partners with Advocis to Deliver Education for Deposit Brokers

The financial advisors’ association Advocis has partnered with LOGiQ3 to deliver courses for deposit brokers.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 10 2015 08:51AM