Natural disasters: Climate change costing insurers dearly

Two natural disasters in 2022 have made the list of the 10 worst insured losses in Canadian history.

SOCIETY | December 30 2022 10:30AM
P&C insurers can absorb the costs of Fiona

DBRS Morningstar rating agency thinks the financial strength of Canadian insurers is not threatened by the losses in the…

P&C | October 03 2022 10:58AM
Peter Routledge aims to address climate and digitalization challenges

The new Superintendent of Financial Institutions shared his vision in his first official speech on Sept. 29.

SOCIETY | October 05 2021 09:22AM
The global climate in 2020: Another alarming report

U.S. scientists have published another troubling report on the state of the world's climate.

SOCIETY | September 22 2021 09:30AM
Rising sea levels: An increasingly real threat to coastal cities

Like temperatures, global sea levels are rising slowly but surely. Linked to climate change, this phenomenon threatens h…

INVESTMENT | December 31 2019 10:00AM