Buy-sell insurance: A safeguard in tough times

This insurance funds the buyout of a partner's shares in case of disability, even when a company lacks liquidity.

LIFE INSURANCE | January 18 2024 03:14PM
Payment defaults mark the path towards recession

More and more people are struggling to pay their bills, squeezed by high-interest rates even as inflation slows down.

SOCIETY | December 07 2023 10:58AM
Female entrepreneurial clients face barriers when accessing financing

Women are more likely than men to use personal assets to fund their ventures.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP | December 06 2023 03:30PM
Recession narrowly avoided in the second half of 2023

Weak growth is expected to rebound slightly in the fourth quarter.

SOCIETY | October 23 2023 03:55PM
Pandemic loan extensions “not good enough”

Canadian Federation of Independent Business calls out federal plan as being inadequate.

SOCIETY | September 20 2023 10:45AM
Businesses lobby government for pandemic loan leniency

More than 250 associations sign joint letter asking for extension.

SOCIETY | August 02 2023 09:30AM
Business’ association says no recession in sight in the short term

Main Street Quarterly published showing a slow rebound in economic growth.

SOCIETY | July 21 2023 10:50AM