Voluntary group critical illness insurance makes a breakthrough

This optional coverage has made inroads in the large business sector, but the SME sector is elusive.

HEALTH | September 14 2022 04:30PM
Assumption Life reports best results ever

The mutual insurer’s income increased 23.4 per cent in 2021, compared to 2020.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 07 2022 10:47AM
Trans Mountain: Environmental groups lobby insurers

They are urging insurers to drop coverage of the pipeline.

SOCIETY | September 07 2021 10:01AM
A P&C MGA takes a gamble on life and health insurance

Quebec is a growth target for CHES, says president Gary Hirst.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 16 2021 10:55AM
Humania Assurance restructures group sector

Humania Assurance has restructured its group insurance operations by creating a new role for a vice-president who will d…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 06 2021 03:00PM
Pandemics and infectious diseases are greatest threat to society

Experts rank pandemics and infectious diseases as “the” emerging risk that is the greatest threat to society in the next…

SOCIETY | October 05 2020 09:15AM
Empire Life adds telemedicine service to expat benefit plans

Empire Life announced that it is adding telemedicine services to its suite of expatriate benefit plans administered by M…

HEALTH | October 01 2020 03:30PM