LifeGuide now available online

By The IJ Staff | October 18 2019 10:52AM

Creators of the industry’s LifeGuide platform announced recently that WebLG, the online, cloud, web edition of LifeGuide is performing well in testing and will be available October 24 to licensed subscribers. Extensive research and development of the product has been underway since 2015.

Online web users of the platform will be able to access the same qualitative and quantitative information for over 2,600 products and product permutations that are included in the desktop, installed edition of LifeGuide. The platform can be accessed using any operating system or device with an internet connection and a commonly used web browser – there is no software for the user to install or update. To minimize the learning curve for users, developers say WebLG also makes use of the same input and output screens and layouts used in the installed version of LifeGuide.

“The web-based version is intended to facilitate use of LifeGuide by those who want to use it on mobile devices or on computers that run on operating systems other than Windows or in environments where corporate policy restricts the ability to install and update resident software,” says CompuOffice Software Inc. president, Ami Maishlish.

He adds that the product also allows integration with third party solutions such as LifeDesignAnalysis, CRM platforms, WinQuote and others to help streamline a professional’s workflow and processes.

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