Investors Group officially rebrands and launches holistic plan

By The IJ Staff | October 03 2018 09:30AM

Investors Group has now officially rebranded as IG Wealth Management and at the same time announced the launch of IG Living Plan™ a holistic, client-centric approach to financial planning. The Insurance and Investment Journal reported the change in the company`s branding last month.

“IG has nearly a century of financial planning excellence, but our name needed to evolve to better communicate our core purpose: building and managing wealth,” said Jeff Carney, president and chief executive officer of IG Wealth Management. “Our new name better reflects our synchronized approach to wealth management which considers the entire financial picture and is designed to improve every aspect of our clients' financial life.”

The IG Living Plan™ provides a single, integrated view of all aspects of a client's finances including retirement and estate planning, investments and tax strategies. All three variables that determine wealth outcomes in a financial plan are included -- selection of individual funds; overall exposure to the market and factors outside of an average investment portfolio such as savings rate, tax strategies, retirement and estate planning.

“IG Wealth Management has a huge opportunity as Canadians have $4.1 trillion in financial wealth, with growing segments in mass market, mass affluent and high net worth,” said Carney. “The IG Living Plan™ will enable the company to better address the needs of Canadians, including those with more than $1 million in assets, who hold 70 per cent of household wealth and account for 21 per cent of IG assets under management."

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