Equisoft announced July 5 the acquisition of Altus, a Bath, U.K.-based financial services firm.

Altus operates in the U.K.'s Life and Pension, Insurance, Investment and Wealth sectors, providing digital products and services to over 150 clients and financial institutions. Equisoft says the acquisition of the company strengthens its position within the financial services space as a leader in digital transformation solutions. 

''The new combined expertise of Equisoft and Altus positions us to lead the U.K. pension transfer market and makes us a strong contender in the European market,'' stated Luis Romero, Equisoft's founder and CEO. ''Joining the forces of both companies, each founded on entrepreneurial values, will allow us to better serve our clients by automating complex back-office processes across the investments value chain. These include investment portfolio transfers, pension fund trading, pension payroll and tax reporting,'' added Romero.