Mental health conditions on the rise

By The IJ Staff | September 25 2019 01:30PM

According to new data from Sun Life Canada reported in the 2019 Sun Life Barometer, the number of working Canadians who’ve experienced a mental health issue has risen seven per cent since the survey was last conducted back in 2017.

The survey of 2,901 Canadians, conducted in March and April 2019, found that 59 per cent of working Canadians have experienced a mental health issue, up from 52 per cent who reported the same in 2017.

The barometer report also found that 60 per cent of working Canadians who have suffered from mental health issues aren’t accessing support through their work place benefits to help. More than three quarters, 78 per cent, also haven’t made use of government-funded services like the Canadian Mental Health Association or local crisis lines.

“Taking the first step is never easy, but with mental health issues on the rise, it’s crucial for Canadians to maximize the tools offered by their workplace,” says Dave Jones, senior vice president of group benefits with Sun Life Canada. “Employees often don’t’ realize that their employer has resources available to help them, whether it be to maintain their mental health on a day-to-day basis or during a difficult time.”

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