The Heart and Stroke Foundation says urgent action is needed to combat the vaping crisis spreading across Canada. The organization called on all major political parties to commit to “immediate and comprehensive measures which regulate e-cigarettes the same way that tobacco is regulated.”

The organization pointed to an increase in acute illness linked to vaping, particularly among young people. Some provinces and territories have acted, however federal leadership is required to ensure that regulations are consistent across the country, says the Heart and Stroke Foundation, adding that “this “must include the use of an interim order, using the powers of the Department of Health Act, that will put vaping products under the same type of regulations that are currently in place for tobacco products.”

Inadequate regulation and irresponsible marketing

"The youth vaping crisis has been allowed to escalate because of inadequate regulation and irresponsible marketing practices," says Dr. Andrew Pipe, Chair of the Heart & Stroke Board of Directors. "There is no question that vaping is linked to serious short- and long-term health risks. Canada needs immediate regulations that restrict marketing, a comprehensive ban on flavours and limits on nicotine content."

The Heart and Stroke Foundation added that research has shown that e-cigarettes are making it easy for youth to become addicted to nicotine and “this increase in vaping could reverse years of hard-fought advances in tobacco control in Canada.”