National Bank Investments launches five new ETFs

By The IJ Staff | March 04 2020 12:40PM

Photo: Freepik

National Bank Investments announced on March 4 the launch of five exchange-traded funds, including three new sustainable ETFs.

They are the NBI Sustainable Canadian Bond ETF (TSX: NSCB); NBI Sustainable Canadian Equity ETF (TSX: NSCE); NBI Sustainable Global Equity ETF (TSX: NSGE); NBI High Yield Bond ETF (TSX: NHYB) and the NBI Global Private Equity ETF (TSX: NGPE). They have begun trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

"Launching these sustainable ETFs is a concrete application of the commitment we made to the United Nations as a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Responsible Banking," said Annamaria Testani, Vice-President, National Sales at National Bank Investments. "It also aligns with NBI's ongoing efforts regarding responsible investing, notably our portfolio management methodology that applies environmental, social and governance criteria."

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