Inhance SRI Funds are now fossil fuel free

By The IJ Staff | November 12 2019 03:05PM

IA Clarington Investments announced Nov. 12 that all mandates in the IA Clarington Inhance SRI suite of standalone mutual funds and portfolio solutions are now fossil fuel free.

The socially responsible investing fund lineup is sub-advised by Vancity Investment Management (VCIM). The funds' fossil fuel-free mandate means the portfolio management team does not invest in the following: oil, gas and coal producers; pipeline companies; natural gas distribution utilities and liquefied natural gas operations.

Climate change

"Climate change is arguably the greatest challenge of our time, and VCIM believes investment decisions can meaningfully advance the goal of mitigating the most dangerous consequences of human interference in the climate system," said Andrew Simpson, Portfolio Manager, VCIM.

The IA Clarington Inhance SRI lineup consists of four standalone mutual funds and three portfolio solutions:

Standalone mutual funds

  • IA Clarington Inhance Bond SRI Fund
  • IA Clarington Inhance Monthly Income SRI Fund
  • IA Clarington Inhance Canadian Equity SRI Class
  • IA Clarington Inhance Global Equity SRI Class

All-in-one portfolio solutions

  • IA Clarington Inhance Conservative SRI Portfolio
  • IA Clarington Inhance Balanced SRI Portfolio
  • IA Clarington Inhance Growth SRI Portfolio
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