The EVO digital platform is attracting more independent advisors

By Serge Therrien Alain Thériault | July 17 2018 07:00AM

Photo: Freepik

More than half of independent advisors dealing with iA Financial Group use its EVO digital platform, launched a year ago.

About 35 per cent of independent advisors used the old iA platform. Today, 55 per cent use EVO. All of the insurer’s individual life insurance products are offered via the platform.

This platform has been enhanced since its launch. More than 50 per cent of individual insurance applications are now approved in 15 minutes or less. iA was aiming for a 40 per cent approval rate when it launched EVO.

In the career network, the use of the EVO platform is a must. In the independent network its success wasn’t guaranteed in advance, however its popularity is gaining steam.

“Some advisors decide to invest with us because we have the EVO platform,” says Denis Ricard, chief operating officer of iA Financial Group.

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