The Co-operators partners with WorldCare International on mental health medical second opinion research program

By The IJ Staff | October 12 2017 09:45AM

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The Co-operators and WorldCare International, Inc., have announced the launch of a research program that will provide participants and their physicians with an in-depth mental health medical second opinion (MSO).

The MSO seeks to provide members with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns with a comprehensive and fully-customized evaluation so that they have the information, resources and guidance needed to make optimal mental healthcare decisions with confidence, says an announcement issued Oct. 12.

"Mental health continues to be the number one cause of disability in Canada, affecting one in every five Canadians," explains Rob Wesseling, President and CEO, The Co-operators. "As a group benefits provider, our partnership with WorldCare is an important step towards an innovative solution that can provide our plan members with an accurate diagnosis that can help them get the care they need."  

Mental health issues can be complex

Mental health issues can be complex, the mental health MSO will validate a diagnosis and provide treatment plan recommendations in addition to insight and resources for other possible approaches to help optimize the patient's outcome, says the announcement. This process will be conducted by the collective expertise of leading mental health specialists at top-ranked hospitals within The WorldCare Consortium. This ultimately provides the participant and their physician with the information and resources needed to make informed decisions about their continued care, while, collecting and measuring the impact.

"Mental illness takes an enormous toll in Canada," stated Dr. Richard Heinzl, Global Medical Director, WorldCare. "It is imperative that individuals and families have access to proper medical guidance as they cope with mental health problems. WorldCare and The Co-operators are pioneering new ways to bring such care to Canadians." 

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