The Co-operators and WorldCare International conduct study on medical second opinions service

By The IJ Staff | November 12 2018 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

The Co-operators and WorldCare International are conducting research on medical second opinions (MSOs) for mental health. The first phase of the partnership’s study explored the service with participants who were on disability leave for mental health conditions and showed promising results, say the companies.

Ninety per cent of the study participants received a new treatment recommendation, 30 per cent fully returned to work or are gradually returning to work, and 50 per cent experienced improvements in their daily lives.

Next phase of research

The Co‑operators and WorldCare are now begininning the next phase of the research which will study volunteer plan members with diagnosed mental health conditions. The research is aimed at defining long-term viability and identifying patterns in service needs, explain the companies.

“Getting a psychiatric evaluation and recommendation opinion can take many months,” stated Dr. Richard Heinzl, Global Medical Director at WorldCare in a Nov. 9 announcement. “Our service provides access to psychiatrists in a matter of days. It works in a complementary way with the Canadian healthcare system by supporting referring physicians and their patients who need sub-specialists like adolescent and child psychiatrists, as well as people in remote and underserved areas of Canada.”

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