TD Bank joins Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

By The IJ Staff | May 01 2018 01:30PM

Photo: Freepik

TD bank announced April 30 it will become the first bank to join the Canadian Institute of Cybersecurity, a hub for cyber technology and research at the University of New Brunswick

The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity, launched in early 2017, is a multidisciplinary training, research and development and entrepreneurial institute which operates in close collaboration with researchers in the social sciences, business, computer science, engineering, law, and science, as well as at other national and international research centres.

Threat assessment methodologies

The institute's cybersecurity graduate students will work with TD technology teams to develop and operationalize new threat assessment methodologies and algorithms.

"As the digital landscape evolves, we will continue to invest in technology partnerships and talent so that we can deliver innovative experiences that our customers can trust and rely on,” says Jeff Henderson, executive vice president and CIO at TD. “The University of New Brunswick is fast becoming an international centre of cybersecurity excellence and we look forward to working with its multidisciplinary teams on real-world problems, while growing our technology talent base."

Centre of cybersecurity excellence

"It's an exciting time for both the University of New Brunswick and the province. UNB is uniquely positioned to translate the collective knowledge of its students, faculty and research staff into solutions that will play a role in helping to protect the networks of some of the world's largest organizations, and the province will benefit as UNB establishes itself as a centre of excellence for cybersecurity in Canada," says Frank McKenna, deputy chair at TD.

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