SSQ Foundation donates $500,000 to 27 charities

par The IJ Staff | June 03 2019 09:30AM

Photo: Freepik

SSQ Insurance celebrated its 75th anniversary on May 9. To mark the occasion, SSQ Foundation has donated over $500,000 to 27 charitable organizations across Canada.

Last November, SSQ Insurance delegates, employees and customers were invited to submit a cause. The Foundation's Board of Directors received more than 280 submissions of which 27 were selected.

"SSQ Insurance's 75th anniversary is the perfect occasion for SSQ Foundation to show its social commitment. It's a concrete way of demonstrating how 'communities make us'. We are convinced that communities across the country will benefit from this financial contribution," stated Jean-François Chalifoux, Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Insurance, in an announcement on May 31.

Among the charitable organizations which received donations are: Centre Jacques-Cartier, Quebec City ($75,000); Covenant House, Toronto ($50,000); Covenant House, Vancouver ($25,000) and Leucan, Quebec City ($75,000).

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