Quadrus Investment Services has added three low-volatility mutual funds to its lineup, has lowered some of its fees, and is also introducing a fee rebate program.

On August 12, Quadrus announced the launch of its Global Low Volatility Fund (ILIM), Canadian Low Volatility Class (London Capital), and U.S. Low Volatility Fund (Putnam). George Turpie, senior vice-president of investment products and wealth management at Quadrus, says these new funds were designed to help reduce the overall risk of the investor’s portfolio while still offering opportunities for growth.

“They were developed with certain people in mind,” explains Turpie. “Specifically those who are conservative and reluctant about entering or staying in the market; pre-retirees, who are often seeking higher returns with lower risks over time; or those who are seeking to diversify their equity.”

The company has also added three other mandates to its suite of products, namely the Diversified Fixed Income Folio (PSG), which is a one-stop fixed-income fund that holds government, provincial, high-yield, floating-rate, and corporate bonds, as well as the the Mackenzie Ivy Foreign Equity Fund and Mackenzie Ivy Global Balanced Fund.

Finally, the firm has lowered management fees on 22 of its mutual funds, introduced a new fee rebate program starting at $100,000, and created a fee-based series (QF series). More detailed information on the new products is available in the fund facts documents on the Quadrus web site.