New Hep C Drugs Covered in Quebec

par Andrew Rickard | July 29 2015 08:58AM

The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services has added Harvoni and Holkira Pak to the list of hepatitis C medications that are covered by the provincial drug plan.

photo_web_1188 The Centre and Association for People Living with Hepatitis C (CAPAHC) issued a press release on July 24 welcoming the announcement. The association notes that Harvoni can offer a cure in as little as eight weeks and also eliminates interferon and ribavirin, which can be difficult to tolerate, while Holkira Pak is the only hepatitis C treatment that combines three antivirals to attack the virus at various stages of its replication process.

Eligibility criteria for treatment is expected to evolve over time, along with the implementation of various initiatives to prevent the disease. CAPAHC says it is very pleased with the province's progressive approach, which includes community involvement as a key element in curing hepatitis C.

"For some patients, these new treatments represent the possibility to go back to work or school, break down the social isolation that they are experiencing, or simply get their energy back to achieve their ambitions," comments CAPAHC general manager Laurence Mersilian. "We want to congratulate the Government of Quebec for seizing the opportunity to make a difference for these people."

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