New “assistant” can come up with personal investment options

By The IJ Staff | September 24 2019 11:30AM

Photo: Freepik

Toronto-based NextJ Systems has announced the launch of an “intelligent investment recommendation assistant” to create personalized investment options designed to lessen risk and volatility.

The “assistant” continuously monitors and detects portfolio imbalances, identifying the need to rebalance.

New assistant creates a highly personalized mandate for each client

“The intelligent investment recommendation assistant consolidates investor information from any source, internal or external, then utilizes client preferences and the firm's portfolio management strategy to create a hyper-personalized mandate for each client portfolio,” following compliance rules to all recommendations, says the company.

NextJ will be working in partnership with which has experience building machine learning algorithms at Bloomberg. The product uses “deep learning” methodologies to perform analysis of 10 or more years of data to arrive at recommendations. It also automatically captures documented rationale for why a recommendation is made.

Tool is efficient and delivers significant gains

“The intelligent investment recommendation assistant is not only delivering significant efficiency gains in the process of creating an investor mandate but, more importantly, is introducing hedge fund quality investment algorithms to client portfolios, hyper-personalized to individual and firm investment criteria," said Matthew Bogart, vice president of Marketing at NexJ Systems Inc. "Through the continuous monitoring for portfolio imbalances, the system-driven alerts mitigate the potential of being out of compliance."

NexJ says it’s confident the new assistant tool will add “significant value” to a firm's investment in portfolio management, financial planning and trading systems.

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