Mackenzie Investments announced on Jan. 22 that investors have approved a number of mergers to simplify the Quadrus Group of Funds offering.

The funds will be merged as follows:

Existing Fund (terminating)

To be merged into (continuing Fund)

Real Return Bond Fund (Portico)

Core Bond Fund (Portico)

Canadian Equity Class

Canadian Dividend Class (Laketon)

U.S. and International Equity Class

Global All Cap Equity Class (Setanta)

U.S. and International Specialty Class

Global All Cap Equity Class (Setanta)

U.S. Value Fund (London Capital)

U.S. Value Fund (Putnam)

These mergers will be implemented on or about February 8, 2019.

The following proposed mergers did not receive investor approval to proceed:

Proposed terminating fund

Proposed continuing fund

Short Term Bond Fund (Portico)

Money Market Fund

North American Specialty Class

Mackenzie U.S. Mid Cap Growth Class