Investors value help from an expert

By The IJ Staff | September 28 2017 09:45AM

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Although most Canadian investors (72 per cent) feel financially secure in the current market environment, the majority prefer to have the help of an expert when making investing decisions, according to a recent survey from Natixis Global Asset Management.

Natixis surveyed 300 individual investors across Canada. Sixty-two per cent of respondents said they are comfortable taking risks to get ahead, however 83 per cent said they were more concerned about losses than gains and would choose safety over performance. To better navigate the markets, the survey found investors were seeking help from financial advisors.

Safety over performance

“Wary of the markets and swamped by information from numerous sources that can be hard to digest, today’s investors want forthright, actionable advice and guidance from trustworthy sources to aid them in their financial decision-making,” stated Abe Goenka, CEO of Natixis Global Asset Management Canada in a Sept. 26 announcement. “Our most recent survey indicates that investors are looking for financial advisors to demonstrate their value by providing investors with the advice, tools and confidence they need to make informed decisions consistent with their goals and risk tolerance.”

Market volatility

Market volatility remains a main concern of investors, despite increasing stability in the markets. Half of investors say market volatility keeps them from achieving their savings and retirement goals. Investors are also concerned about understanding risk and tax-planning.

The survey found 66 per cent of investors who work with financial advisors are broadly comfortable with risk, while only 53 per cent of self-directed investors feel that way. Under half (49 per cent) of investors trust themselves to make investing decisions on their own, while 68 per cent say they would prefer to have an expert find the best opportunities in the market.

What are investors looking for in an advisor?

When asked what they are looking for from their financial advisor, the most frequent response investors gave was the need for clarification on fees, the survey found. This was followed by doing a better job at aligning their investments with their personal values. They also want their advisor to listen, help with market volatility and help manage their tax issues.

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