The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on personal, social and economic levels. Without much warning, the crisis projected us into a new reality, causing us to lose our bearings. In the midst of this difficult situation, the Insurance Journal Publishing Group team believes that now, more than ever, information is precious and can be used as a guide to navigating the crisis.

Due to governmental rules, our printing company has been obliged to temporarily suspend its operations. Because of this situation, we are offering you the April issue of the Insurance Journal in a digital format. This issue of the magazine is being shared with you and all of our industry contacts on a complimentary basis. We invite you to do the same and share this issue with your industry contacts for free across your networks.

You may read the April edition of the Insurance Journal now by clicking HERE.

You’ll discover that the digital magazine articles are enriched with links that will bring you to related content published on Insurance Portal, allowing you to quickly gain an expanded background on the current issues discussed in this edition. This is an advantage over the print format.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information provided in this edition of Insurance Journal.

Once again, share the link with your industry contacts and please feel free to send us your feedback! 

Serge Therrien, president and publisher