Humania Assurance wins digital transformation award

par The IJ Staff | June 16 2017 09:45AM

Humania Asssurance won a Digital Transformation Award for its HuGO platform, at the Digital Transformation Conference and Awards Ceremony held on June 14 in Toronto.

The awards ceremony was created by IT World Canada (ITWC) to showcase Canadian businesses demonstrating important technological advances in their field.

Predictive analytics

The winning innovation, HuGO, is a platform that uses predictive analytics to issue personalized term life insurance instantaneously based on the risk profile of customers in perfect health or at moderate risk. The platform allows insurance to be sold within 15 to 45 minutes.

In its home province of Quebec, Humania’s technological accomplishments were also recognized at the Octas Gala on May 25. At the gala, the company won the top prize in the SME category for the HuGO platform.

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