Green Shield Canada president and CEO to retire in December

By The IJ Staff | March 23 2018 09:45AM

Steve Bradie

Green Shield Canada (GSC) has announced that Steve Bradie, president and CEO of the company, plans to retire in December 2018.

“Steve has had an incredible 30-year career at GSC. In his nine years as president and CEO, he and his team have grown revenue from $1.2B to $2.5B, diversified our lines of business, and increased the staff complement from 550 employees to over 900,” said Sherry Peister, chair of the board, in a recent announcement.

“His passion for the organization is evident in his every undertaking. Steve is a true reflection of the culture at GSC, and his collaboration and transparency with his executive team and the board of directors have been instrumental to achieving GSC’s growth over recent years.”

Innovative initiatives

During his leadership, GSC has introduced many innovative initiatives, such as an adjudication engine that has provided flexibility for Canadian plan sponsors and, more recently, corporate partners through third-party processing alliances, says Peister. Another example is the development of the “Canadian landscape’s first online employee health management portal that rewarded plan members for taking ownership of their individual health goals. All have left their mark on our industry and fuelled GSC’s industry-leading growth.”

Bradie will continue to lead the organization and its transition to a new CEO over the months to come, adds Peister. “There is no doubt that thanks to Steve’s steady guidance, GSC is poised for the future and the exciting opportunities it will bring,” said Peister.

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