Evolve Funds Group files prospectus for blockchain ETF

par The IJ Staff | February 02 2018 09:45AM

Photo: Freepik

Evolve Funds Group (Evolve ETFs) announce Feb. 2 that it has filed a preliminary prospectus with the securities regulators for a new exchange-traded  fund focused on blockchain technologies.

The Evolve Blockchain ETF (LINK) is designed to provide Canadian investors with an actively managed portfolio of equity securities involved in the development and use of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies, says the company.

Second coming of the internet

"Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt virtually every business and industry," said Raj Lala, President & CEO of Evolve ETFs. "Currently, at the base of every digital currency, many compare blockchain to the second coming of the internet. To our knowledge, this will be Canada's first actively managed Blockchain ETF. Active management will allow us to be nimble and potentially capitalize on emerging opportunities in the industry."

Evolve ETFs will act as promoter, manager, trustee and portfolio manager of LINK and will be responsible for its administration.

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