CPA Canada and Canada Life have launched an online series of free financial literacy workshops aimed at school children. 

The workshops for parents and teachers include downloadable materials that can be used to educate young children and students about six money management topics. Geared to specific age groups, topics include: savings and bank accounts; Pet shop, which is focused on the responsibilities of pet ownership; earning income; goal setting; earning income – advanced; and credit cards and debt. 

Each virtual workshop includes several aids to help parents and teachers educate kids in an interactive manner, including animated videos, PowerPoint, worksheets and speakers notes.

"The pandemic's impact confirms the urgency of teaching financial literacy and implementing a range of remote learning opportunities," said Doretta Thompson, CPA Canada's financial literacy leader. "Many parents and teachers are educating their kids about personal finance at home or virtually and need additional materials and support. These six workshops are the CPA profession's targeted response to that need."