Coaching service offered for employees on short-term disability due to mental illness

By The IJ Staff | March 20 2019 09:30AM

Acclaim Ability Management announced today that it is working with Shoppers Drug Mart to offer one-on-one coaching services for employees with mental health issues, who are on short-term disability leave.

Employers can choose from two offerings that aim to get employees back to work sooner, and lessen the risk of escalation to long-term disability leaves, says Acclaim.

Creating action plans

The coaches are pharmacists, available through Shoppers Drug Mart's Clinical Health Coaching program. The coaches will screen employees for a number of chronic conditions; evaluate medication regimens; provide counselling on safe and appropriate use of medications and work with employees to set goals, create action plans and monitor progress.

"This is an industry-first. We are taking employee support to the next level by bringing in pharmacists to provide practical, cost-effective services throughout the treatment journey," says Sean Bradley, president and CEO of Acclaim Ability Management.

Pharmacogenomic testing

The Clinical Health Coaching program can also include pharmacogenomic testing, a tool to predict drug response that can be especially impactful in the treatment of mental illness.

"We are excited to be providing better patient care by leveraging the expertise of our pharmacists in new ways. The coaching services provided can help improve the quality and speed of recovery, and help employees better manage their health once back at work," says Mark Rolnick, Vice President, Payor Partnerships and Plan Sponsor Innovation at Shoppers Drug Mart. He adds that the Shoppers Drug Mart Clinical Health Coaching program will eventually expand to include other conditions, such as chronic pain.

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