CignaLinks Expands into Canada

By Andrew Rickard | March 27 2015 09:39AM

Cigna Global Health Benefits is now offering medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits to expatriates and their eligible family members in Canada through its CignaLinks program.

On March 25, Cigna announced that it had formed a relationship with the third party administrator services provider Cowan Insurance Group in order to bring CignaLinks to the Canadian market.

"This relationship is unique in that the provincial and expatriate health plans are managed together for eligible customers, making it easier for customers to use their benefits wherever they may be in the world," says Cigna.

Cigna's customers will be able to be reimbursed directly, with no deductibles, through a network of health care providers that are part of its Canadian program. The insurer says that services may be available at lower rates in some cases due to local pricing and negotiated discounts. Clients will also have access to provincial health plan enrollment support, and will be able to search Cigna's online directory to find health care professionals in their area.

“Navigating the healthcare landscape of a foreign country can be very challenging for an expatriate employee and their dependents,” comments Jason McCormick, vice president of international benefits at Cowan Insurance Group. “Multi-national employers want their expatriate employees to have a comprehensive healthcare program so that when they travel, their medical needs will be covered.”

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