Canadian Workers Rely on Mobile Technology

By Andrew Rickard | September 26 2014 01:12PM

According to a recent survey conducted by Pollara for the Bank of Montreal (BMO), 57% of Canadian employees say they rely on mobile technology such as smartphones and tablet computers to do their jobs effectively.

The survey showed that business leaders are even more dependent on mobile technology, with 64% of owners saying they need these tools in order to run their organizations. However, one in ten of business owners still say that they do not rely on a mobile device at all.

"Organizations across Canada are experiencing a transformational shift in the way business is conducted, which includes the adoption of – and increased reliance on – mobile devices," comments Steve Murphy, head of Canadian commercial banking at the Bank of Montreal. "Mobile technology not only provides business owners with the convenience and flexibility to run their business from anywhere, but advancements in mobile technology also provide greater access to information and allow employees to perform their job in a timely manner."

The survey also revealed that companies were about equally divided between those which provide employees with mobile devices (39%) and those which encourage their employees to use their own technology (38%).

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