BCSC launches campaign to foster people’s confidence in investing

By The IJ Staff | January 11 2021 02:30PM

Photo: Freepik | wayhomestudio

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has started an educational public awareness campaign to help dispel anxiety about investing. 

BCSC research shows that nearly half of British Columbians are anxious about losing money on their investments. Previous BCSC research has shown that people felt that education could help reduce their unease, with one out of five investors saying they would feel more confident if they had basic guidance. 

"If you're feeling intimidated or stressed about investing, you aren't alone – anxiety is one of the main barriers people face when making investment decisions," said Pamela McDonald, the BCSC's director of communications and education. "But the British Columbia Securities Commission is here to help." 

The BCSC provides unbiased information and online tools through, which helps investors understand their options, assess their risk tolerance, protect themselves against fraud and keep track of fees. 

People who identify as investors are more likely to understand the risks and benefits of their investments, have an understanding of the fees and charges associated with their investments and be on track to meet their financial goals. 

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