Regulator: Pay misconduct penalty or put driving privileges at risk

The British Columbia Securities Commission will be able to block the issuance or renewal of a driver's licence to anyone…

INVESTMENT | April 01 2021 02:08PM
B.C. regulator identifies investment firms’ compliance deficiencies

Client statements and promotional statements were among the most problematic deficiencies identified by BCSC compliance …

INVESTMENT | February 24 2021 02:09PM
BCSC launches campaign to foster people’s confidence in investing

A BCSC campaign is aiming to help dispel anxiety about investing.

INVESTMENT | January 11 2021 02:30PM
BCSC moves to remove LTA forms

No longer any need for LTA forms, says BCSC.

INVESTMENT | January 04 2021 10:23AM
Can’t run and hide, rules Nevada Court

Nevada Court rules two Canadian fraudsters must pay back almost $22 million.

INVESTMENT | December 14 2020 01:30PM
Regulator alleges three B.C. residents defrauded investors

The British Columbia Securities Commission has alleged that three B.C. residents defrauded investors of $600,000.

INVESTMENT | October 28 2020 05:06PM
Mutual fund rep banned for lying

BCSC bans mutual fund rep for providing false information.

INVESTMENT | July 27 2020 02:00PM