Regulator dismisses market manipulation allegations against Forum National Investments

Allegations that the CEO had made false or misleading statements in a sworn affidavit were also dismissed.

INVESTMENT | September 02 2021 02:26PM
Regulator fines former portfolio manager $150,000, imposes 15-year ban

British Columbia Securities Commission sanctions former portfolio manager after he admits he failed to properly assess i…

INVESTMENT | June 18 2021 03:00PM
B.C. regulator consults on proposed rules for company promotions

The new disclosure requirements would let people know if promoter has a financial interest in company.

INVESTMENT | May 27 2021 02:53PM
Regulator settles with blockchain platform promoter

He used money raised from investors for personal purposes.

INVESTMENT | April 30 2021 11:49AM
HSBC subsidiary fined more than $1-million

HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) admitted that it required clients to redeem their units in HSBC-branded mutual fun…

INVESTMENT | April 23 2021 01:36PM
Marketing director and colleague fined $70,000

They coached an investor to lie to a British Columbia Securities Commission investigator.

INVESTMENT | April 20 2021 09:04AM
Regulator: Pay misconduct penalty or put driving privileges at risk

The British Columbia Securities Commission will be able to block the issuance or renewal of a driver's licence to anyone…

INVESTMENT | April 01 2021 02:08PM