Everyone agrees that the U.S. health system induces acute financial malaise among insurers. “Health care costs in the US are higher for foreigners than for nationals,” says Pierre Saint-Onge of Tour+Med.

Patrick Lavoie of Securiglobe adds that: “hospitals are shunting costs to international patients, in the wake of President Obama’s health insurance reform.”

Robin Ingle of Ingle International goes even further by saying that hospitals are looking for money, and Canadian patients are prime targets. Some hospitals do not let the patient leave the United States even if they are fine. Hospitalization is very expensive “It can cost $10,000 per day,” Joanne Parent of TIC points out.

Predictably, the rising cost of health care in the US is affecting claims, which are becoming more and more substantial, Mr. Lavoie says. Premiums are advancing accordingly. “Last year they were up 10%. This year, it is too soon to estimate the increase,” Mr. Saint-Onge says. Premium setting also reflects insurers’ experience in the previous year.