Alberta and Ontario regulators suspend registration of Walton Capital Management

By The IJ Staff | May 02 2017 01:28PM

The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has suspended the registration of Walton Capital Management Inc., announced the regulator April 28. The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) reciprocated the suspension of WCMI on the same day.

The ASC suspended Walton Capital Management’s registration “after a meeting with its management, pending the surrender of the registration of the firm. WCMI consented to the suspension,” stated the regulator in an announcement. 

Exempt market dealer

Walton Capital Management is an exempt market dealer offering land-based real estate investments and corporate bonds.

While the suspension remains in place, WCMI is prohibited from providing advice and selling securities to investors. The ASC says it will be following up with WCMI concerning their regulatory obligations.

Suspension applies across Canada

In an announcement, the OSC stated, “Investors should be aware of the suspension and prohibition of WCMI to advise or sell securities to investors, which applies across Canada.”

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