The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) has published a new frequently asked questions document, related to the extensive inquires generally asked about the institute’s various designations and educational pathways.

Updated in mid-May, the document discusses the differences between the different educational pathways, requirements, exemptions and how to qualify for the associate of the CIA (ACIA) or fellow of the CIA (FCIA) designations, given existing experience and credentials.

Requirements for different qualification scenarios are discussed, alongside repeat questions about which pathway might be best to obtain the different designations under different scenarios, including how to obtain designations when existing actuarial credentials are provided by an association not recognized by the CIA.

The document, Education FAQ, also links to FCIA syllabuses and application guidelines, along with transition rules. “Membership applications must be submitted through our website. Once you’ve established that you meet the requirements for FCIA according to your pathway, including any exemptions, you can submit your full application for FCIA,” they write. “Be sure to provide all information upon application such as transcripts of actuarial exams passed and proof of membership from an actuarial organization.” 


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