Your client’s concerns in 2024

Client needs, planning sentiments and assumptions examined in series of polls.

SOCIETY | April 24 2024 10:21AM
Pension risk transfer market volumes in 2023 match record

A sudden shift in economic fortunes could pose a risk to funded positions in the future.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 05 2024 10:55AM
Defined benefit pension funding increases in the first quarter of 2024

DB plans should consider risk management options as ratios improve.

LIFE INSURANCE | April 03 2024 10:45AM
Registered retirement savings plan contributions resume downward trend

Downward trajectory continues following peak pandemic years

SOCIETY | April 03 2024 10:10AM
Younger households turning away from the housing market

Mortgage balances decline in recent quarters among those under age 35.

SOCIETY | March 28 2024 10:45AM
Target-benefit plans require clearer regulation

Lessons learned from British Columbia’s pension landscape examined in new report.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 15 2024 10:20AM
Variable payment life annuities get new champion

Barriers to broader access include current legislation and missing regulations.

LIFE INSURANCE | March 14 2024 10:45AM