Open banking research yields insights applicable in insurance

Study shows Canadians are three times more willing to share data today than in 2020.

SOCIETY | May 26 2023 10:53AM
Poll finds majority aren’t aware of the estate planning benefits of insurance

RBC Insurance survey reveals notable opportunities to discuss estate planning with clients.

SOCIETY | May 04 2023 09:55AM
Finance Canada asked to make retirement fund formulas more transparent

Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting responds to private member’s bill and study.

SOCIETY | March 03 2023 04:09PM
Company surveys show Canadians are increasingly worried about money

Three bank studies indicate many are struggling.

SOCIETY | February 28 2023 04:40PM
Co-operators survey finds the majority are unprepared for financial challenges

Financial advice improves sentiments, but nearly half say they worry about basic expenses.

SOCIETY | February 17 2023 10:45AM
Pessimism reigns in series of consumer sentiment surveys

Questions probe client feelings about current conditions and their own financial health.

SOCIETY | February 14 2023 10:57AM
$1-million not enough to retire on says wealth management firm

Many people misguided by outdated information, according to IG Wealth Management.

SOCIETY | February 08 2023 10:43AM