Maximum pensionable earnings for 2023 announced

The Canada Revenue Agency announced the new ceiling on Nov. 1. It is calculated according to a CPP legislated formula.

SOCIETY | November 01 2022 02:53PM
Canadians are feeling insecure about their personal finances

Those with financial advisors are much more likely to feel secure, according to a new survey.

SOCIETY | October 28 2022 10:33AM
Inflation has impacted Canadians’ financial well-being

The Summer 2022 LifeWorks Financial Wellbeing Index is buckling under the weight of the grocery bill.

SOCIETY | October 27 2022 10:19AM
Centi-millionaire ranks on the rise

New report studying cohort examines top countries, wealth growth, spending habits and pursuits of the super wealthy.

SOCIETY | October 25 2022 12:00PM
Securities regulator studies crypto asset ownership

Most crypto asset owners have never discussed their holdings with a financial advisor.

INVESTMENT | October 25 2022 10:29AM
Task force launched to explore technology’s impact on financial planning

Organizations explore how technology can enhance planning and increase Canadian’s access to it.

SOCIETY | October 21 2022 10:46AM
72 per cent of Canadians think their tax burden is too high

Report finds that taxes weigh on families, but many fear taxing companies will lead to higher prices.

SOCIETY | October 19 2022 10:27AM