Tourism will rebound faster than business travel

A consulting firm forecasts.

SOCIETY | February 23 2021 01:12PM
Vaccination will help tourism resume

UN organization has high hopes for the vaccine.

SOCIETY | February 23 2021 12:08PM
Giant or not, Intact will continue to make decisions locally

Although its activities are becoming more international, the insurer is upholding this management principle, says Louis …

P&C | February 22 2021 02:16PM
Innovation and ESG funds

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds are expected to experience significant growth in the Canadian market ov…

INVESTMENT | February 22 2021 12:00PM
Outperforming the global industry can shield Intact from a hostile bid

By outperforming the global P&C industry financially, Intact believes it can fend off a hostile takeover bid from a larg…

P&C | February 19 2021 02:58PM
Two risks weighing down life insurers’ balance sheets

In addition to low long-term interest rates, two other risks are weighing down insurers’ balance sheets, and their inves…

LIFE INSURANCE | December 14 2020 03:30PM
Mutual funds: COVID-19 is revolutionizing distribution

When the pandemic struck, Franklin Templeton Canada shifted 97% of its employees to telework, Duane Green told the Insur…

INVESTMENT | December 11 2020 09:30AM