Key characteristics of whole life par, non-par and universal life insurance

Consult this comparative table to understand key differences between whole life par, non-par and universal life insuranc…

LIFE INSURANCE | September 25 2020 04:00PM
Post-pandemic advice for reaching your clients

The pandemic has changed the way a lot of people are thinking. Understanding trends and embracing them is essential to d…

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Pharmacogenomics study shows link between testing and better health outcomes

“The question we were trying to answer was if clinicians are provided access to pharmacogenomic test results during rout…

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COVID-19: Higher insurance amounts with no medical exam may last

The pandemic has forced insurers to raise the limits of life insurance amounts that can be underwritten remotely with no…

LIFE INSURANCE | August 14 2020 10:00AM
Financial Horizons Group aims to offer advisors client data in one place

Financial Horizons Group plans to build a digital tunnel with suppliers to compile one-stop client database.

LIFE INSURANCE | August 13 2020 10:45AM
The pandemic is accelerating the digital shift and reinforcing the value of advice

COVID-19 is accelerating the digital shift in life insurance distribution exponentially and highlighting the value of ad…

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Outlook for insurers in Q2 and beyond

Investment portfolio performance, however it shakes out, may be a key factor driving insurance company’s stock performan…

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