Life and health insurance: Financial results of 69 insurers operating in Canada in 2021

The results cover two years, so you can track the evolution of each company’s financial performance.

LIFE INSURANCE | June 15 2022 03:07PM
Telemedicine: Provider-insurer partnerships multiplying

HealthTech companies have multiplied, as have their partnerships with insurers.

HEALTH | June 13 2022 10:50AM
Disability claims due to mental health issues on the rise

Anxiety has been taking a heavy toll for several years now, and the pandemic has exacerbated the problem, driving mental…

HEALTH | April 26 2022 10:41AM
Disability insurance: How do 16 products from seven providers stack up?

Insurance Journal's sister company InsuranceINTEL compares 16 individual disability insurance products from seven provid…

LIFE INSURANCE | April 25 2022 10:25AM
Advisors need ESG training

Greenwashing and the lack of responsible investing standards are major concerns.

INVESTMENT | February 16 2022 03:45PM
Business value index for individual life insurance clienteles

Despite the scarcity of buying opportunities, diligent evaluation of any potential purchase remains crucial.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 16 2022 10:13AM
100 buyers for every seller

Sellers who can grow your practice are still out there...if you are a qualified buyer.

LIFE INSURANCE | February 16 2022 10:10AM